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Positive Thoughts to share with you

Tuesday, August 17th, 2010

Always remember;

You  have the courage to dream great dreams.

You’re worthy of greatness.

You’re capable of greatness.

The priceless treasure that is your life.

Positively obligates you to make something grand out of life’s moments, it’s days, it’s years.

When you focus on “just getting by”, that’s the most you’ll be able to do.

Yet, when you  set your sights, higher. When you  dare to dream big dreams, when you  make the effort to make a difference, those same moments you would have spent “just getting by”, will bring you and your world, so much more.

Once this day is over, you cannot go back and reclaim it.

What a waste it would be if you  failed to squeeze every last drop of living and joy and love and achievement from it.

If your aim is to just get thru the day, ur “just get by”, aim higher.

You’re spending the moments, so really make them count.

Start right now to live the greatness,

You were born with.

Believe in you.

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James is teaching another Acting Workshop on August 29th

Tuesday, August 17th, 2010


Galaxy Publicity

310 652 0770

James Bartholet to conduct acting workshop Sunday, August 29th

(August 16th, 2010 Los Angeles)

James Bartholet will be conducting another of his popular acting workshops on Sunday, March 28th.

Geared toward adult performers who want to sharpen their acting chops, this new one day workshop will cover the basics of acting and improvisation, with on camera tapings of acting scenes.

The workshops will be in West Hollywood. The price will be $30.00 per student.

The classes are four to five hours long, and interested students should sign up now for workshop on the 29th. The workshop will start promptly at 1:00pm to 5:30pm.

“We’ve had good responses from our previous workshops, and a lot of performers have been asking when I’m going to do another, so I decided to do another class this month. With so many parodies and features being shot, we can’t rely on just being able to perform on screen, we’ve got to be able to act as well”, said Bartholet.

“The workshop will go over scene study, character development, improvisation skills, and we will tape a scene that the students pick from a mainstream film, television, or stage production so they can have tape of themselves doing a mainstream scene”, added Bartholet.

Bartholet has many years experience in acting and directing in the mainstream industry, and acts in many adult features. He was an AVN 2009 Best Performance Non Sex Nominee for Hustler’s “This Ain’t Happy Days XXX”. Some of Bartholet’s recent releases include: “Not Really The Dukes Of Hazzard A Hardcore Parody”, “The Vow”, “Not Charlie’s Angels XX” “This Ain’t Cops XXX “The A Team XXX”, “Not Married With Children 2 XXX”, and “Drill A Saw Porn Parody”.

Bartholet has a degree from Los Angeles Valley College, and has received several acting awards and nominations from his many years on stage. Bartholet trained with ACT in San Francisco and with many different acting coaches in Los Angeles. Bartholet has performed in various stage productions from coast to coast, as well as television and films, and performed sketch comedy at The Comedy Store and The Ice House.

Sign ups for the workshop have started now, and all interested performers should contact Bartholet by email now at;

Please put “workshop sign up” in the header, or call the production office at 310 652 0770.


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Watch Co Ed Confidential on Cinemax

Friday, August 13th, 2010

James plays the Film Professor on this popular television series on Cinemax,  now in it’s fourth season.

Catch it tonight on Cinemax and Cinemax On Demand

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Get an autographed DVD or picture

Friday, August 13th, 2010

You can get an autographed DVD or picture of James Bartholet

James has some autographed DVD’s or some of his hilarious and sexy adult parodies of your favorite television programs and films

Send you request to

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Listen to James on the air online now

Friday, August 13th, 2010

Listen to James as he hosts “Inside The Industry”  24/7  at  or

and  “Old School Cool”  and  “L.A. Nitelife”  archives  at

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Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

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Bartholet’s enjoying the Summer with a slew of new releases

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

Bartholet’s enjoying the Summer with a slew of new releases

(July 29th, 2010 Los Angeles)

Adult and mainstream actor James Bartholet is enjoying the warm Summer months with a slew of new DVD releases. Bartholet has become a staple in the adult film industry, and the go to guy when a studio makes a porn parody, or a feature.

Some of Bartholet’s new releases include; “Not The Bradys XXX Bradys Meet The Partridge Family XXX” from X Play/Hustler, “Trash Talk” and “The Vow” from Wicked Pictures, “The A Team XXX” from Adam & Eve, “Drill A Saw Porn Parody”, “This Ain’t Glee XXX” and “This Ain’t Cops XXX” from Hustler, “Not Charlie’s Angels XXX” and “J Ho XXX” from X Play, “Not MASH XXX” from X Play/Hustler, “Not Married With Children 2 XXX” from X Play/Hustler.

Bartholet has also made the leap into performing on camera, in addition to the non sex roles. His first on camera sex role was in “Drill A Saw Porn Parody” with the adorable Emy Reyes, and recently a scene for Bang Brothers, with not one but three lovely ladies; Kayme Kai, Katie Angel, and Charley Chase.

“OK, so I won’t be able to do Disney films anymore”, laughed Bartholet. “But, it wasn’t like they were calling in me every week, and I still work on mainstream projects”. “My niche is the average guy, I don’t have six pack abs, but a lot of guys who watch us don’t either, so they can’t relate more”, added Bartholet.

Bartholet has been a very busy man. Between filming, hosting a weekly radio, television and Internet program; “Inside The Industry”, and running a publicity company; Galaxy Publicity, Bartholet proves that you can do it all.

Bartholet can be seen as the recurring character of the film professor, on the Cinemax series: “Co Ed Confidential Season 4”.

“I really enjoy what I do, and I love going to work everyday”, stated Bartholet.

Bartholet hosts the weekly “Inside the Industry” radio program with Emy Reyes, heard Wednesday nights from 8:00pm to 9:00pm PST, and rebroadcast daily on LA Talk Radio: and . The program is already a very popular Internet radio show with members of the adult film industry and fans alike. The program begins a format that will be able to be viewed on

James Bartholet is represented by A List Talent:

About James Bartholet

Weekly host of “Inside the Industry” heard on and Bartholet came to Hollywood in the early 80’s, and has worked for a variety of talented directors in films, television and stage. He has starred in numerous projects for both mainstream and adult films, and has received three AVN nominations. Some of Bartholet’ recent adult parodies include “Not Bewitched XXX,” “Not The Partridge Family XXX,” “Not Three’s Company XXX,” “Not Happy Days XXX” and is currently filming a film series for Cinemax. Bartholet is working still in mainstream and adult film projects. As the well recognized on-camera and radio host of his “where to go and what to do” show, “L.A. NITELIFE”, James Bartholet has become an icon of the nightlife scene. Bartholet has also worked as a talk show host at 870 AM KIEV, 97.1 FM KLSX, KRLA, MTV, FOX, Network One,”E”, PrimeTime Uncensored, XBIZ, XFANZ, and KSEX. He also hosts “Tonite With James Bartholet”,”Inside the Adult Industry”,”Inside Erotica”, and “Old School Cool”. Bartholet can also be seen on various infomercials late at night. Bartholet acted for years on stage from coast to coast, worked on such mainstream projects as General Hospital, Designing Women, and Beauty and The Beast. Bartholet has recently wrapped on “Drill” which marks his first on camera feature sex scene, and also recently wrapped on “Not Charlie’s Angels XXX” “A Team XXX” and This Ain’t Cops XXX”.

For more information, please contact Galaxy Publicity 310 652 0770


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Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

Hi everybody, welcome to my new official site. Mike did a great job designing this, and we’ll be adding photos video, and more.

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Welcome to the new!

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

Stay tuned for fun, informative new blog posts, photos, and videos!

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