Hartley and Bartholet co star in new Hilary and Bill Clinton Parody

Nina Hartley Portrays Hillary Clinton In New Porn Parody “Hillary Gets The Black Vote”


For the past 28 days, former First Lady, Secretary of State and now the most likely democratic nominee for the 2016 Presidential Election, Hillary Clinton has avoided the press while on the campaign trail in Iowa.


During that time, Dogfart.com, an Adult Entertainment Company which has been online since 1996 and operates 23 different adult sites catering primarily to Black and Interracial content has been hard at work as well, not on the campaign trail, but in producing “Hillary Gets The Black Vote”, a porn parody that follows Hillary (portrayed by Adult Film Legend Nina Hartley) in her quest to become the 45th, and 1st female President of the United States.


Directed by veteran adult filmmaker Billy Watson, the film features legendary Adult Film Actress Nina Hartley as Hillary, mainstream actor James Bartholet who has appeared in a number of soap operas and TV Shows as husband and former President Bill Clinton, and then an array of 12 black staffers who are there to advise Hillary on her campaign, speeches, and tend to her every need in order to get the black vote.


“The moment Mrs. Clinton announced that she would be making a presidential run, we knew we were going to make this movie,” said a Dogfart Spokesmen. “We have been extremely successful in the parody arena starting with our spoof last year of Donald Sterling getting Cuckolded by his wife, his mistress, and one of his own players. Earlier this year, we also parodied Orange Is The New Black which also achieved massive success. Nina is still as sexy as ever and her fan-base continues to grow. The storyline in this is just as good as the sex. It is your American Duty to Rock the Vote as well as watch the most epic political porn parody of all time.”


The company has stated that they wrapped up production Tuesday and are fast-tracking the movie through post-production so it should be available early next week.


With only a few stills from the shoot released so far, mainstream media has already started picking up the story including The Huffington Post as well as Break.com.


The movie will be available on Dogfart.com or BlacksOnBlondes.com.

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