Happy Holidays Things to do this holidays to chase away holidays blues

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From James Bartholet

I wanted to wish all of you a very Happy Holidays and A Successful New Years 2016.

Whatever you’re planning on doing, remember it’s the a time to spend with family and friends, and not countless hours in a store trying to find that perfect and expensive gift to give.

Don’t get caught up in the “commercialization” of the holidays, but try to spend some time doing some “goodwill” to others.

Start your New Years off right this year.

If you have time alone, spend it reflecting on the past year, and planning on what you can do, to make 2016 even better.

Call, text, or email family and friends you haven’t spoke to in a while, spend some time getting your taxes in order for 2016, spend some time cleaning up and organizing a cluttered area of your home. Get out and enjoy some fresh air, take a walk, do some sight seeing, take in a movie, or go out to eat at a new restaurant you haven’t been to before. Discover something new and interesting in your area that you haven’t seen before. Do some charity work. Catch up on some reading, start a new hobby.

Don’t drink and drive, party responsibly, and most of all…. ENJOY


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