Instead of New Years Resolutions, set new goals for 2011

Every year, alot of  people, probably even you, choose a list of resolutions for the new year.

Generally, these are habits they will try to do every day, or habits they will try to avoid for as long as they can.

But as usual, many of these resolutions are forgotten by March, or Febuary LOL.

A major reason for this, is that it’s  difficult to drop the “old habits”  cold turkey.

While the effort to adopt resolution shows a wonderful sense of positive intent, a better alternative is to develop new goals for the future.

Goals are a much better plan, than resolutions in 2011.

Make a goal to do something, and stick with it, start small, and get this accomplished. Like cleaning out the garage or your car, or organizing your closet, or even cleaning up the spam in in your computer files.

Once you accomplish this small goal, then you have that sense of accomplishment, that will motivate you to do the next goal, and the next, and the next.

Quitting smoking,  getting in shape, losing weight, eating better, these can all be goals you can set, but do the smaller goals first, believe me when you conquer these, you will have the inspiration to conquer more goals.

Good luck, and have a great and successful new year.


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