St. Valentine’s Day Tips

St. Valentine’s Day can be a great holiday, or a very stressful one, it all depends on how you approach it, and make it memorable.

Everybody is trying to save money now, and you can still make a great day and nite,  if you make plans now.

Here’s some suggestions myself and some friends made;

Make a special  Romantic Treasure Hunt, leave clues around the house, and you can set any prize at the end for your loved one to find.

Create your own Valentine’s Day Card. Compose a poem or an expression of love that expresses your personality.

Create a scrapbook, fill it with your favorite photographs, love letters, keepsakes from special occasions, and cherished mementos.

Make a Music CD of your favorite songs as a couple including love songs that you both enjoy listening to. Buy some romantic CDs, classic videos or DVDs and wrap them all together with red ribbon.

Cook a Romantic Meal at home for your loved one, with win and candles. Or cook your romantic meal together. In this busy face paced world we live in, we rarely make time to eat together at home, so try and make the time to do this.

Take a Romantic Walk, whether it’s on the beach, in a park, around your neighborhood, or at your favorite mall, time together, just walking and talking is always good, because it’s “quality time” spent together.

Make your own Private Sexy Video. Be creative, be sexy, don’t worry about a script, just get in the mood, and let nature take it’s course. But don’t leak it on the Internet, LOL

Have a great Valentine’s Day holiday : )

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