Hollywood Christmas Parade recap

The 80th Annual Hollywood Christmas Parade went very well, the weather was great, and it was really nice to see families coming back again to our stage at Sunset and Vine. Alot of people had a great time, and enjoyed themselves. as we do every year, we also handed out candy canes to all of children along the parade route,  and talked to the kids about what they wanted Santa to bring them this year.

It was my 20th year back as an announcer in this parade.

There was a few technical problems; we didn’t have all of our equipment at our stage, the script wasn’t delivered until a hour or so before the parade started,  so we didn’t get to familiarize ourselves with who was in the parade, some of the floats weren’t announced/had signage on them properly, some of the floats/cars didn’t arrive at our stage in the order that they had in the original script, Christmas music CD didn’t play, so we played some other cool music, plus I was still under the weather from a recent cold,  but it’s  nobody’s fault,  it just happens in a parade of this size.

The crowd liked what we did, they laughed, they cheered, and they got into the spirit of the event.

Thanks to everybody at Pagentry Productions, and to our staff and friends who came down to help us usher in the holiday season here in Hollywood.

Happy Holidays

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