Working out and staying fit

Used to be back in the days; I’d work out, just to look good to go out and party all nite and all weekend.

Now it’s working out to stay healthy, stay in the game,  and stay alive LOL

I love working out now every week, at least four to five days. I already swim laps in the pool every day and walk. But I realize a more dedicated workout routine is in order, so I got myself a trainer, like most working actors do in Hollywood   DOUBLE LOL

Biggest hurdle is to stop smoking, cigarettes. . . . .I’m not going give up marajuana, it’s for medicinal purposes. Right  hardy har har,  seriously it’s for medicinal purposes ya’ll.


OK today;

I got some basketball time in today at the gym, Ok, maybe it’s not a big deal to you, but for me, I played basketball many years ago, and now years later I made 80% of my shots and free throw shots. Not bad

Remember, Basketball Jones, if you do, you’re old school like me.


Speaking of Old School, I’ve been talking with Billy Vera, “Billy Vera And The Beaters” and he’s on my radio program next Wednesday the 20th, VERY COOL

Get outdoors and enjoy the sunshine

Have a great weekend


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