Getting over winter blues

Alot of people during this time of year get the “Winter Blues”. The weather is cold and rainy, and snowing. Days are shorter, and people are stressed out after the holidays and trying to pay off those holiday bills. But you can rise above this, and shine.

1) Get out and exercise  Alot of people make that New Years resolution to exercise, but by now already give up on that, well, don’t. Stay with a good but reasonable exercise regime. Even if it’s just a little, build up to it, but get out and do it. You will feel better.

2) Take care of cleaning and home projects now. It’s never too early to get started on that. there’s always something you can do inside, and even accomplishing some small task will make you feel accomplished and productive, plus your house will look better.

3) Make plans for the New Year. Yes, it’s not too late to do that. Sit down and plan out the New Year, I bet alot of you didn’t really do that yet.

4) Start on your taxes. I know it may sound a bit overwhelming, but getting started on this now, is better than waiting to the last minute, as many of us do.

5) Get out and see a movie or live theater. There’s lots of award nominated films I bet you haven’t seen yet, and lots of good theater in your area. A good night out on the town, can be a good cure for the Winter Blues.

6) Do some charity work. there’s lots of great charities out there that need your help. Volunteering to help others less fortunate than you is good karma, and gets you out of the house, and again it’s a sense of accomplishment.

7) Catch up on some much need sleep. People need 7 to 8 hours of sleep everyday. For health reasons and more. Take the time now to get rested and energized.

8) Get support from friends. Even if it’s a phone call or email to catch up on someone you haven’t spoken to in awhile. Talking to friends can always help to brighten your mood.

9) Eat a healthy diet. Time is now to change your diet for the better. Eat foods that can enrich your body. We probably ate alot of stuff that is not good for you, it’s alright, it was the holdiays, but now it’s time to change back to a healthier diet.

10) Get some sun. Yes, the sun may not be out that much now, but try and get outdoors when the suns shining, even briefly. That sunlight will lighten your mood.

Get your self re energized and you’ll beat those Winter Blues

Enjoy yourselves,



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