Thank you to all of my fans, I love you, you rock


Our fans are what keep us working, . . . . . . .  OK that and the money, LOL

But seriously, you guys and girls ROCK

I am overwhelmed by all the great comments, suggestions, and emails, and I always love meeting you in person at the event and store signings. I appreciate the awards, but really appreciate it when you my fans take a moment from your life to write to me and tell you like my work. That makes it even more worthwhile.

Also, write to the production companies and directors and tell them you want to see me in an upcoming film, they do listen to what you have to say.

I love what I do, and I love acting and performing.

Lots of filming in the next few weeks and months ahead, plus the radio program is expanding as well.

I’ve have a lot more projects coming up this year, so stay tuned

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